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Massage for mindfulness

Massage for mindfulness

Mindfulness has gone mainstream. In sport, business, hectic workplaces, education and our everyday lives we are encouraged to take time out to centre ourselves, cut out extraneous influence and focus deeply on the moment. It can lead to greater clarity of thought, less stress, more energy and countless other benefits.

Finding time to develop a mindfulness practice can be easier said than done, however. Many people find it helps to take time out away from their usual environment. As a result, mindful walking, forest bathing and even mindful eating have developed as ways to make mindfulness a regular part of your life.

Massage can be mindful

Many people who regularly benefit from massage are often being mindful, perhaps without being aware of it. In fact, the massage itself can be a great aid to being mindful. Switching off during a massage can be easy for some people, while others find it challenging to remain calm and focused. A regular massage can help you relax and develop your ability to be mindful.

Increase relaxation

By focusing on your breath during a massage, you can help your brain to feel less cluttered, bringing with it an increased sense of calm. This helps you to lie back and enjoy the experience to a much greater degree.

It can help your muscles to relax

As you quieten your mind, you should find that your body begins to soften. This usually happens during deep tissue massage, but being mindful can aid things along a little. This, in turn, can help your massage session become more effective overall.

It can help to ease out your body's aches

Being mindful during a massage can help you focus on the way your body responds to the touch of your therapist. It can promote a kind of 'deep listening' to your body, helping you to identify problem areas and niggles you hadn't previously noticed. As you relax deeper you may also find those pre-existing problems disappear.

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