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Swedish massage Wimbledon

Swedish Massage

Relax - Smooth Strokes

More relaxing stroke type massage (recommended for relaxation, newbies, gifts)

sports massage icon - wimbledon clinic massage

Sports Massage

Stronger kneading massage - Sports Specific

The sports massage is a deep tissue kneading massage that is focused onto the sport of choice. i.e tennis play may be focused on shoulders and twisting muscles of the hips but running may be focused on lower limb front and back muscles 

Postural Massage

Postural Massage Wimbledon

A massage that also acquires a postural photo exam (postural reports emailed and advice is also given). This analysis aims to assess your tightness. The exam dictates muscle groups that may be pulling your posture out of zink. Your practitioner then focuses on these to facilitate natural re-alignment.

Couples Massage

Couples Massage Wimbledon

We are asked about this a lot and while we can’t offer side by side treatment we can facilitate a discounted session where you get a discount for having a massage one after the other.

deep tissue icon - wimbledon clinic massage

Deep Tissue

Deep Kneading Massage

This is not for newbies or the faint hearted, normally suited to people who have put there muscles through a lot!

Or persons that have let there muscle tension build up over years.

If you think you may be the latter be cautious, and let the masseuse guide the treatment as you may find your muscle to be tender on first session.

Foot Massage

Foot Focused

Normally 30 min massage due to the smaller size of the feet. Great for the high heel wearers, people that stand at work, after long walks, ramblers and runners.

Work massages wimbledon

Group/ Work Massage

Work & group sessions

We come to you! Parties 🥳 or work HR events; our masseuses will come to you typically 15-20 min sessions with a minimum of 3 hours. For smaller get togethers massage length is extended to use time appropriately. Only offered writhing a small radius of clinic in SW19.

Prenatal pregnancy massage Wimbledon

Prenatal Massage

Soft and baby safe

Smooth out pregnancy-related tension to relieve stress for you and in turn baby. Safe in each trimester.

Using special bump and breast friendly cushions for front lying, that’s right you can actually lie face down!!


post natal partum pregnancy massage Wimbledon

Post Partum Massage

aid birth recovery

Take some time for yourself to relieve muscle tension and stress particularly in the back, shoulders, and hips, which can become strained during pregnancy and childbirth.

Massage can also stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system to aid your recovery.