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Massage & Bad Posture = Postural Massage

Do You Suffer From Bad Posture?

Do You Find A Build-up Of Tension From Long Sitting Or Standing?

Do You Want To Reduce Wear & Tear On The Body?

Steps Involved In Postural Massage

Stage1 (Normally done at Consult /1st Massage)

Our Postural massage service at Wimbledon Clinic Massage starts with digital postural analysis. These pictographs flag up which areas of tightness are locking in your postural deformity.

Stage 2 (Treatment Course)

Your practitioner will concentrate on the shortened muscle groups to enable release and realignment.

Stage 3 (Review)

After a course of sessions, the posture will be digitally re-evaluated & Comparision report sent. This is normally done typically after 6 weeks - to establish improvement levels.