Why sports massage is great for non-athletes too.

You don’t need to be competing in the next Olympics to take advantage of a sports massage, but this type of therapeutic massage often doesn’t spring to mind when you’re considering self-care.

Although sports massage was initially developed to prepare athletes for sporting events and relieve weary limbs afterwards, this type of deep tissue massage is also beneficial for everyday aches and pains.

Ache and pain relief.


Even if you haven’t hit the gym in a while, everyday aches and pains can become a hindrance.

Sports massage is designed to alleviate pain in the muscles and tendons. Repetitive and strenuous activity can create tension in the body which doesn’t resolve itself alone. Sports massage also increases the body’s flexibility and improves postural alignment.

Here at Wimbledon Massage we actually offer our clients a free digital postural scan, so they can visualise any alignment issues. The different techniques used in this form of deep tissue massage are excellent, not only for preventative care but also relief and relaxation.

Give your workout a boost.


Whatever health and fitness classes you’re into, having a deep tissue massage as part of your fitness regime helps you to up your game. Keeping your body flexible and in alignment prevents future injury, or if you’re unlucky enough to sustain an injury, recovery time will be faster.

Being a Sports Masseur takes solid training, so you’re guaranteed that you’re in good hands.

All our staff at Wimbledon Massage are qualified sports massage therapists (NVQ Level Trained & DBS Vetted).

Turn down the stress dial.


In an ever-connected world it’s increasingly important to reduce anxiety and disconnect.

It’s well documented that exercise increases serotonin levels, giving you a mood boost. Therapeutic sports massage reduces daily stress, promotes a general feeling of well-being, and can aid sleep issues too. Enjoying a regular massage is actually assisting the mind to dial down and switch off from those everyday anxieties which create tension.

If you’re not as mindful as you’d like to be, think of it as a stepping stone to enlightenment; something positive for mind, body and soul!

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