The benefits of sports massage for boxing.

Combat sports like boxing are tough on the body. If you want to keep performing at your best in the ring, it's essential to recover.

Along with taking in nutritious foods, a sports massage can be a great way to help prevent injury or aid an injury after training.  So what are these benefits?

Read on to discover more. 

 Improved agility.

Being able to slip an opponents punches is essential for a boxer. Damages from an opponent's punches could easily lead to a short career.

One of the benefits of a sports massage is that you can improve your flexibility, to outwit your opponent. You’ll have better footwork, and reflexes. Every landed punch counts and could be the difference between walking away victorious or with a loss.

 Gain a mental edge.

Being mentally and physically prepared for training or a fight is important. A sports massage can bring a significant mental boost, by releasing "feel good" endorphins, so you'll feel more alert and wanting to succeed more than before.

 Recovery and resistance training.

Spending time doing resistance training or training on a punching bag can make your wrists hurt, shoulders feel stiff, and knees click. An option is to skip resistance work and do other activities like skipping or speed work. However, by the time you return to resistance training, progress has stopped, and feeling unmotivated kicks in. For beginners, this could mean giving up training.

Sports massages are great for helping your body to recover in quick time, so you can keep progressing in all aspects of your training.

 Toxin release.

Preparing for a fight can mean switching diets. Toxins caused by unhealthy foods can cause havoc, both inside your body and outside.

Some of the common problems include acne or skin blemishes.

Regular sports massages could help your body to release toxins and help to clear up your skin. Remember to always drink lots of water after a massage to aid the detoxification process.

A sports massage in the Wimbledon Clinic can help you in so many ways. So, whether you're fighting for charity, or as a professional boxer, make sure you book yourself in today.

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