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The power of massage therapy to improve sleeping patterns

The Power Of Massage Therapy To Improve Sleeping Patterns

A good night’s sleep isn’t just enjoyable – it’s essential! Experts have found that those who routinely fall short of the nightly recommended amount of shuteye can suffer from a variety of health problems, including heart disease and irregular blood pressure. Therefore, you should use everything at your disposal to ensure you get enough rest. This, of course, includes massage therapy. Let’s look at three ways a professional rub-down can improve your sleeping pattern.

Pain relief

A massage therapist will use their expertise to enhance the potential of your body. This includes relieving you of any pain you are experiencing – whether it’s from a sports injury or any ailment like paresthesia. In some cases, people might not even understand the level of pain they’ve been managing until it’s been relieved. The final outcome won’t just ensure that it’s easier to get comfortable when you’re under the sheets, but will also make it less likely that you’ll wake throughout the night with twinges or spasms.


A chemical reaction happens during a massage. When the therapist is at work, the person who’s on the receiving end of the specialist touch will be increasing the neuro-hormone known as serotonin in their body. This doesn’t just make people feel happy but also sparks the body’s use of melatonin, which regulates the sleep cycle. This can help a wide variety of people – from those looking for a more settled night’s sleep to those who suffer from insomnia. Stress relief Stress – as well as other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety – has the potential to keep sufferers awake throughout the night. This is because the body remains on high alert when it should be winding down. The outcome is often varying degrees of sleeplessness. Luckily, a massage can fight to relieve stress, mainly due to its ability to make the body release mood-boosting endorphins. These endorphins make you feel happy and work to remove any negative emotions.

It’s time for you to sleep better!

The benefits of massage therapy are far-reaching. Whether you’re keen to have a sports massage, a deep tissue massage or any other type of massage, your journey to reaping the amazing rewards starts by getting in touch with the team at Wimbledon Clinic Massage.

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